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2015 CES Logo

  We had just got back from CES 2015, we can say the show was a tough journey but it was the best show we had ever experienced since the show was successful and we are also expecting to build up the new world wide relationships after the show 🙂

 At the show site, we had demonstrated our new power amp(sPA-1000) and a music server&player(sMS-1000 SQ)  for the first time, and the power amp, sPA-1000 did made our Ultimate  products to become a complete audio system finally, we can tell you all this set up presented our room more fantastic and got the attraction from every visitors as well. 

 Also our products had been displayed and demonstrated over 3 other rooms, please check the pictures below.


– Viola Audio Laboratory


– ESS labs speaker


– Deluxe-Acoustics


In our room, we had a main audio system in the center and had  2 desk top audio systems with headphones.

You can check what system had been used during the show time, I’m sure each audio system made sound more beautiful and special than others and we are very proud of it.

<Main audio system>
– Source : sMS-1000 SQ
– DAC & Pre : sDP-1000
– Power supply : sPS-1000
– Power amp : sPA-1000
– Ultimate audio rack (4-tiers)
– Speakers : EgglestonWorks Nine Signature
– USB cable : dCBL-U2-S(without power line)
– LAN cable : dCBL-CAT.6.

– LAN isolator : iSO-CAT.6

– Speaker inter-power cable : made by Hemingway cable 

– NAS as music storage, various TAKT accessories, P5 by PS audio


<Desktop audio system 1>
– Source : sMS-100
– DAC & headphone amp : sHP-100
– Power supply : mBPs-d2s
– Advanced audio rack(3 tiers)
– Headphone : Audeze LCD-X
– USB cable : dCBL-U2-S(with power signal)
– LAN cable : dCBL-CAT.6
– LAN isolator : iSO-CAT.6

IMG_1036 IMG_1038

<Desktop audio system 2>
– Source : Audiophile PC server which installed tX-USBexp & SATA FilterIII
– DAC & Headphone amp : sHP-100
– Power supply : mBPs-d2s
– Advanced audio rack(2 tiers)
– Headphones : Audeze LCD-X
– USB cable : dCBL-U2-C(with power signal)
– LAN cable : dCBL-CAT.6
– LAN isolator : iSO-CAT.6

We also had showcased our various new products for the first time at the show site, they will come out shortly and the first one among them will be available by February, we are planning to announce it at the early February, please keep an eye on us 🙂

Many thanks for all our partners, visitors and all audiophiles during the show time, we will try to reach all your satisfaction and do our best ! 

Thank you.

SOtM in 2015 CES Press,

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