Updated Eunhasu F/W to ver no.4.7

Greetings !

Eunhasu firmware has been updated to number 0.4.7.

Version : V0.4.7
  – Date : 03-12-2019
  – Added the ripping file path settings feature
  – Changed the MPD Audio buffer size value up to 100MB
  – Changed the MPD Period time value up to 500ms
  – Changed some of Eunhasu user interface
  – Upgraded MPD to the version no. 0.21.15
  – Upgraded Upmpdcli(DLNA renderer) to the version no. 1.4.5
  – Upgraded HQplayer NAA(networkaudiod) to the version no. 3.6.0

Eunhasu firmware will be kept updated. Please email us if you have any opinions on how to improve it. 

Thank you.