DC cable

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A dc cable is for mBPS-d2s or sPS-1000.

All 3 types of wires are available and each wire has its own sound characteristics.

one is 7N UPOCC solid copper wire.

another is 7N UPOCC stranded copper wire.

and the other is 7N UPOCC stranded silver wire.

If you need specific length, please contact us via email.

It is the dc cable for mBPs-d2s or sPS-1000.

There are 3 types of wires  available and each wire has its own sound characteristics.

  • Standard Copper cable : it brings a clean sound with musical nuance without having any distortion.
  • Stranded 7N UPOCC silver cable :Compared with copper wires, it brings more detailed and dynamic scenes, and brings the distinctive bright and precise sound propensity of silver wires.
  • Stranded 7N UPOCC Copper cable :Compared with the standard copper wire and silver wire, the sound character is middle of their propensities, it bring very detailed musical nuance.

Also, you can select the length from 30cm, 50cm and 100cm.

The standard DC plug at the end of the cable is OD5.5 and ID2.1 and  OD5.5 and ID2.5.  If you need the special size of DC plug, please email us to check the availabitliy.


Connector size
  For the standard cable ID & OD : (2.1&5.5-2.5&5.5)mm
  For the output no.3 of sPS-1000 : (2.1&5.5-1.3&3.5)mm
Conductor option
  Standard stranded copper
  7N UPOCC stranded copper
  7N UPOCC stranded copper
Length option
  30CM, 50CM, 100CM