Press release : sMS-200ultra with the special offer

 We proudly announce that sMS-200ultra will be finally available in the next week and we sincerely apology for the long waiting.

 The first shipping would be available on 9th, June but we are trying to make the shipment available earlier.

 Please check more information about sMS-200ultra on our website, click here.


 And many world users whom own the sMS-200 have been waiting for and requested to hear about the upgrade path of their current sMS-200 to be upgraded to the sMS-200ultra, and here we prepared the special upgrade path.

 Please read the details of how to join, and shoot an email to go to the next step properly. But, please remember that your local partner or the shop you bought would help you to arrange this upgrade path much easily.

Subject :

The upgrade path to be the sMS-200ultra for whom owns the sMS-200

Period :

A month. Starting from 7th, June to 7th, July.

For whom :

current sMS-200 users

Benefit :

1. Purchase the sMS-200ulta at the very special price, US$900
2. The sMS-200ultra includes the master clock connector for free.

Condition :
1. The sMS-200 should be returned to us in Korea.
 The sMS-200 with the serial number should be provided and sent to your local partner or the shop you bought or us directly. We and our partner would take your sMS-200 to be upgraded to the sMS-200ultra in the list and waiting for it to be returned to Korea for the upgrade. The shipping and handling cost should be paid by you or our local partner or the shop.
2. Take 3 business working days and a round trip shipping period.
 The upgrade would be made with your sMS-200, so the round trip shipping time plus 3 business working days for the upgrade should be required to complete the upgrade to the sMS-200ultra.

3. Take the big advantages.
SOtM offers more than USD300 discount for this upgrade path and all this upgrade unit would have the master clock connectors included. But if your current sMS-200 condition is not good, SOtM would not be responsible of any service or faulty. (Depending on the situation, the repair cost would be charged additionally.) And, SOtM wouldn’t be responsible to any accident during the shipment.

To proceed the upgrade path, please contact your local dealer or email us to get more information.

Thank you very much.

Sean Lee : [email protected]

May Park : [email protected]

Tel : +82-41-576-7663(Fax : +82-51-576-7664)