Eunhasu V0.5.6 Alpha version


Eunhasu firmware version number 0.5.6 is ready on our alpha server.


Version : V0.5.6
– Date : 03-15-2024
– Add the network tune at a time when enabled the CPU latency tune.
– Adjust the none audio Eunhasu process service priority down.
– Update the MPD config page.
– Remove the buffer settings & set 100MB by default.
– Remove the buffer before play & Period time.
– Add the & cache buffer size 1GB.
– Update the Eunhasu service code


And the MPD V0.23.15 and UPMPDCLI v1.8.9 have also been updated.

To reflect the above, the beta server should be enabled first and then, remove the MPD/DLNA function and reinstall it in the MPD&DLNA config page.
After this update, you must change any value or content on the MPD/DLNA config page and be sure to save the settings.

In the MPD function, the buffer setting part has been removed, so if you experience a noise problem that can be adjusted with the buffer value, please report it.

We are also considering ways to make it usable again as before.


The proper test environment should be Eunhasu V. 0.5.6(alpha server) and the kernel V.6.1.60-212 and also upgrade thge mpd(beta server) and test it.


Additionally, there have been a function to return it to DHCP if you set Eunhasu’s IP to Static but cannot remember the IP address.
In this case, “connect to the LAN port to the device by a lan cable, reboot, disconnect the LAN cable, wait 15 minutes, and reconnect the LAN cable” was the process to return to DHCP from static IP, but it has been changed to wait within 5 minutes after rebooting for the first time.


For the alpha server testing, please access to the alpha server by following url, http://<your Eunhasu ip address>/upgrade.php?upgrade_server=alpha

Once done upgrading to the alpha server, then, reboot the device and you are ready to test.


After upgrading to the alpha version(0.5.6), please go to the beta server by following the instruction,

1. Access to http://<your Eunhasu ip address>/beta.php, and enable the “beta server”, click “Save changes” button to be applied correctly.

2. Click the Kernel check button(Update the kernel version no.) in the system update page and check the kernel version no. is updated to the 6.1.60-212.

3. Test it.(if you would like to test MPD, go to the MPD&DLNA config page to remove and reinstall the MPD/DLNA feature, and then apply any values newly to the MPD&DLNA config page and save the change.)

4. And disable the beta server after done testing. (Access to http://<ip address>/beta.php and disable the beta server)


Thank you!