Eunhasu V0.5.5_Alpha version



Eunhasu firmware version number 0.5.5 is ready on our alpha server.


Version: V0.5.5
– Date: 11-24-2023
– Added ‘CPU frequency’ selector.
– Added ‘Set Max volume’ button.
– Updated eunhasu, smb avahi services.
-Disabled unused avahi service(nfs).
– Changed a few GUI texts.
– Fixed up ‘Start with Logitech Media Server’ bug.


CPU Latency tune and CPU frequency functions can improve sound quality by changing CPU and OS settings.
This feature is only available with the latest version of Eunhasu firmware and the latest kernel versions.


– CPU Latency tune
The biggest function of CPU Latency tune is that it improves sound quality by controlling CPU operation and OS functions.

When this function is turned off, like other general OS settings, when the CPU does not need to be operated, the CPU settings are changed to operate slowly or stop operation to reduce power consumption. If the CPU operates slowly or stops and the CPU needs to operate quickly again due to processing, change the CPU’s frequency and settings to enable it to operate quickly again. However, during this operation, the operating frequency and voltage of the CPU change, and the CPU’s response to certain processing (latency) becomes slow, which reduces sound quality.

If you turn on CPU Latency tune, the CPU will wait for content to be processed without changing the CPU’s operating frequency and voltage even when it does not need to operate. Additionally, when something needs to be processed, it can be processed immediately without having to change the operating frequency and voltage of the CPU, so the CPU’s response (latency) becomes very fast and the best sound quality can be maintained.
To change this setting, you must reboot Eunhasu for the setting to take effect.
For the best sound quality, we recommend always turning it on.


-CPU frequency
* Performance: Automatically controls the operating frequency and turbo boost function of the installed CPU.
* Frequency : Set the CPU frequency.
* Frequency + turbo: Turns on the CPU’s basic maximum frequency (base frequency) and turbo boost function, and if necessary, the CPU’s frequency is automatically controlled up to the max turbo frequency.
* Frequency only: Operates the CPU at the selected frequency. The turbo boost function is turned off and a constant frequency is always maintained.


If the frequency setting is too slow, the CPU may not be able to process the required processing quickly, which may cause problems with music playback. Therefore, you must test to set the frequency to a problem-free frequency.
It is recommended to set it to 50 to 80% of the CPU’s maximum speed, but depending on the PC situation, it may operate without problems at lower frequencies and sound quality may be improved.


Note: Turbo boost is supported on Intel series CPUs such as sMS-1000SQ and sMQ-Q370.



For the alpha testing, please access to the alpha server by following url, http://<your Eunhasu ip address>/upgrade.php?upgrade_server=alpha

Once done upgrading to the alpha server, then, reboot the device and you are ready to test.

Thank you!