SOtM tX-USBexp is the world’s first PCI express USB 3.0 host interface card designed to perform the ultimate USB audio playback.

 If you want to use a PC as a hi-end audio source device via a USB connection,  various types of noise should be blocked from the inside the digital devices. To reduce such noise, the tX-USBexp has been designed with the special filter circuits, an Ultra low-noise Voltage regulator, and an ultra-low jitter clock equipped.

 The tX-USBexp can be powered from an external power input connector and the sPS-500 is the one that matches best with the tX-USBexp.

 You will hear the ultimate USB audio performance.

Key features

  • PCIe USB 3.0 host interface card
  • Ultimate audio performance
  • External power input
  • USB port power on/off 


PCI express USB interface chip set
   USB 3.0 Compliant xHCI host controller
   Support SS(5Gbps),HS(480 Mbps),FS (12 Mbps),LS (1.5 Mbps)
   PCIe x1 Gen2 interface 
Internal power input
   Input voltage : +12.0V(+0.5V, -0.5V)
   Input current : 2A
   4pin IDE power connector 
External power input
   Input voltage : +6.5V ~ +9Vdc
   Input current : 2A max
   5.5mm OD, 2.1mm ID DC adaptor jack
USB port output power 
   Output voltage : +5.0V(+0.5V, -0.25V)
   Over current protection : 1.5A at 20°C
   Recommend output current : 0.5A >
Operating environment
   Operating temperature : 0°C ~ 30°C
   Storage temperature : -10°C ~ 50°C
   Operating & storage humidity : 10% ~ 90%
OS support
   Windows 7 or higher version


The tX-USBexp has been improved as following points compared to tX-USB.
– It supports USB3.0
– It uses PCI express x 1
– Since it adds motherboard noise reduction filter for PCI express bus, it has reduced the noises come through motherboard.
– It has been changed to one USB port.
– Since it add noise reduction circuit on output signal of USB port, it has reduced the noise passing to external device comes through USB signal line.
– Since it add external power input jack in addition to built-in power connector 4pin IDE, it is available to use external linear power or battery
– It uses 4 layers PCB, so it’s stronger.
– It enhance the noise reduction circuit in power input, the noise from PC power has reduced.
– It uses better performance of the audio band jitter clock.
– It adds power supply noise blocking circuits for the clock separately.
– Since it adds the breaking current capacity of over-current protection circuit on USB port, it has enabled to much more current output.
– Since Ultra Low Noise Regulator circuit has been improved, the noises generated from the power circuit of tX-USBexp are reduced further.
– The sound has been much better than tX-USB, particularly the sound through power supply from an external battery cannot be compared with others, and it has been much more improved.
– We highly recommend using mBPS-d2s as an external power supply if you want the best sound through a PC

 The basic concept and techniques for tX-USBhub are the same as the tX-USBexp.
 For example, such basic concept and techniques below 

– Ultra Low Noise Regulator

– Ultra Low jitter clock,

– Active Noise canceler,

– Multi stage regulator and others

are applied into the tX-USBhub as well, and the main components used on the tX-USBexp are also the same as the tX-USBhub, so I can say their sound character and design are like a twins.

 But the main difference is that tX-USBhub is not a USB host card as like the tX-USBexp or tX-USB is, the tX-USBhub is a USB 2.0 hub for audio purpose and has 2 USB ports. This product is connected to a mainboard by USB connector not like as the USB cards, so tX-USBhub can get more benefits than the USB cards in sound quality, it doesn’t mean that tX-USBhub performs better than tX-USBexp, it means tX-USBhub has an advantage.

 Also the tX-USBhub can work with external power too, and it makes sound improved a lot, you can consider the external power supply to our mBPs-d2s or sPS-1000.

 One last thing, even though both tX-USBexp and tX-USBhub have the same techniques, concept and sound character, after all, the result comes out differently depending on various PC circumstances as like what M/B, power supply, memory, CPU, HDD, SSD are used.. …so it can not be judged simply which one is better one.

This switch is to control for USB power and it does not control the external power..

Yes, we had reported the compatibility issue for DCS, Scarlatti dac. In this case, please try using tX-USB, tX-USBhubIN or tX-USBhubEX instead.

The external power input voltage is +6.5V  +9Vdc, and the input current is 2A max.

While using the external power supply, please connect the internal 4 pin IDE power connector. This is to protect in any case if the external power get failed.

플라스틱 와샤_tX-USBexp 

While installing the tX-USBexp on the PC case properly, put the plastic washer between the bracket and the PC case and fasten them by screws properly. This is to protect the tX-USBcard not to warp.