tX-USB is a PCI USB host card which enables to upgrade of standard PC USB audio performance to Hi-End grades.

The installed Ripple filter & RF filter are to block noise from PC power, and Ultra Low Noise Linear regulator circuits  installed into all circuit are to minimize the noise.Also it has USB port power on/off function.

Key Feature

  • PCI USB Host Card
  • Ultimate audio performance
  • USB port power on/off


tX-USB Manual

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PCI USB interface chip set
  Compliant with USB 2.0
  high(480Mbps),full(12Mbps)low(1.5Mbps) speed
  32-bit 33 MHz host interface compliant with PCI specification revision 2.2
  Supports 3.3 V PCI
Power input
  Input voltage : +12.0V(+0.5V, -0.5V)
  Input current : 2A max on/off
  4pin IDE power connector
USB port power
  Output voltage : +5.0V(+0.5V, -0.25V)
  Output Current : 0.5A max
  Over current protection : 1.0A at 20°C
Operating environment
  Operating temperature : 0°C ~ 40°C
  Storage temperature : -10°C ~ 50°C
  Operating & storage humidity : 10% ~ 90%
OS support
  Windows 2000 SP4
  Windows XP SP2
  Windows Vista
  Windows 7
  OS-X v10.x


 tX-USBexp has been improved as following points compared to tX-USB.

  • It supports USB3.0
  • It is PCI express x 1
  • The motherboard noise reduction filter is added, so tX-USBexp reduce the motherboard noises coming through PCIe express bus.
  • It has 1 x USB port.
  • The noise reduction circuit on output signal of USB port is added, so tX-USBexp reduce the noise coming through USB signal line which is passing to the external device.
  • The external power input jack and the built-in power connector 4pin IDE are added, so tX-USBexp is available to use external linear power or battery power supplier.
  • It is 4 layers PCB, so it’s stronger.
  • The noise reduction circuit in power input has been enhanced, and the noise from PC power has been reduced.
  • It uses the better audio band jitter clock than tX-USB.
  • The additional power noise blocking circuits for the clock is added newly.
  • the capacity for overcurrent protection circuit on USB port has been bigger than tX-USB, so tX-USBexp enables the higher current output.
  • The Ultra Low Noise Regulator circuit has been improved, so the noise generated from the power circuit can be reduced more. 

The sound has much more improved than tX-USB, especially the sound powered by mBPS-d2s cannot be compared with others, we highly recommend you to use mBPS-d2s with tX-USBexp, if you want to hear the best sound through your PC-Fi audio.


No, it doesn’t need to install the driver.

How to install tX-USB
1. Please make sure to power off the PC.
2. Please disconnect the AC cord from PC and open the PC case.
3. Please find the PCI slot and insert tX-USB to the position fully.
4. Please fasten the bracket to the PC case by screws.
5. Please connect the power input connector(J301)of tX-USB and 4pin IDE power cable of PC
6. Please close the PC case and connect AC power cord.
7. Please power on PC.
8. After a few minute, the device drever will be installed after the OS automatically detects tX-USB by plug&play function.
9. Once finished the Device driver installation, please connect USB audio device to the USB port on tX-USB.
Trouble shooting
1. If the driver is not installed, please turn off the PC and try the installation once again.
2.Please make sure that tX-USB had been inserted firmly and check the power connection(J301).
1. The current for USB port output is maximum 0.5A, please do not connect the device which is over 0.5A
2. If you connect 2 x USB audio device(DDC, DAC, etc.) at the same time to the USB port, there will be over-heat inside of tX-USB, it makes the USB port powered off.
3. If you connect USB audio device and external storage device(HDD) at the same time to the USB port, it will degrade the sound quality, so we recommend to connect the external storage device to the mainboard’s USB port.
4. You don’t need to install the additional device driver since OS supplies the device driver
5. The audio performance can be differ from user’s OS or PC.