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Eunhasu FW ver.4.57 will be updated soon!

Greetings ! The Eunhasu Firmware version number 4.57 will be available soon. Version : V0.4.57 – Date : 1-3-2019 – Speeded up some back ground processes – Enabled the skip broken repo server. – Fixed some USB devices which can not be recognized by kernel updates – Fixed the Reboot button in the system config […]

Eunhasu FW ver. 4.56 is now available

  Greetings ! The Eunhasu Firmware version number 4.56 is now available. Version : V0.4.56 – Date : 29-1-2019 – Speeded up Eunhasu user interface – Upgraded HQplayer NAA to 3.5.5 for sMS-200 and sMS-200ultra – Upgraded Roon Ready to 1.1.33 – Fixed the reboot function No kernal update is required on V0.4.56. The firmware would be kept […]

2019 Lunar New Year’s holiday notice

Greetings, SOtM is having a holiday from 2th -6th, February to celebrate Lunar New Year. SOtM would not respond promptly during this period and will be back to work normally on 7th February. Again, happy new year !! PS, various new products are going to be released soon in this year. More information will be updated on our […]

Eunhasu FW ver. 4.55 is now available

Greetings ! The Eunhasu Firmware version number 4.55 is now available.   Version : V0.4.55 – Date : 25-1-2019 – Fixed hostname setting bug – Speeded Eunhasu user interface – Changed some of Eunhasu user interface No kernal update is required on V0.4.55. The firmware would be kept updating for the better quality of SOtM […]

Eunhasu FW ver. 4.54 is now available

Greetings ! The Eunhasu Firmware version number 4.54 is now available. Version : V0.4.54 – Date : 18-1-2019 – Fixed SMB version setting in Network library config Version : V0.4.53 – Date : 17-1-2019 – Apply the new background image – Fixed Squeezelite Reset config bug – Fixed kernel update command error – Fixed Reset […]

Eunhasu FW ver. 4.51 is now available

Happy New Year!   The Eunhasu Firmware version number 4.51 is now available. Version : V0.4.51 – Date : 31-12-2018 – Fixed ROON Ready display uncertified device bug – Fixed model name added carrge return code bug – Fixed some number setting value did not display bug in Europe country – Upgrade Squeezelite ‘Reset config’ […]

New Eunhasu F/W ver.0.4.5 is coming up!

 Greetings!  The new firmware version of Eunhasu OS for sMS-1000SQ, sMS-200 and sMS-200ultra is coming up.  In this time, the upgrade does not change much in the Eunhasu UI, but it upgrades the Eunhasu Linux OS to a completely new one, and requires a very complicated upgrade process internally which needs 2 upgrades path to […]

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year

Seasons greeting. This year again, time files so fast, we are at the end of the year already.  Wishing you a very Merry Christmas and a wonderful Happy New Year!  May all your dreams for the coming year be fulfilled.  And we are really thankful for your love in this year for SOtM.

Press release : sNH-10G

For immediate release : 1st, Nov,2018 For purchasing and further information, Please contact to May Park, marketing@sotm-audio.com The audio grade network switch, sNH-10G, is available.     The sNH-10G can prove what the ultimate sound should be in your network system.  How many audiophiles would have been satisfied with sound in their system? Especially with […]

Holiday notice in September

Greetings, SOtM will close an office from 22th, Sep to 26th, Sep to celebrate Korean Thanksgiving Day, “CHUSEOK”. In the meantime, SOtM would not respond in a timely manner but will keep watching on our email box. Please use either of following email address to get prompt response, we will try to reach you with the […]