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Upgrade cost to SDP-1000EX from sDP-1000

Greetings.    This information is about the cost and process to upgrade sDP-1000 to sDP-1000EX.   Why this upgrade is recommended and should be done?  Because the following main improvement can be made from the sDP-1000 to sDP-1000EX.   Support to DSDx 128 and DXD. By improving the balance in all bandwidth, specially the mid-low […]

Updated Eunhasu F/W to ver no.4.6

Greetings ! The Eunhasu firmware version number is updated to 0.4.6.   Version : V0.4.6 – Date : 17-06-2019 – Added Ethernet auto negotiation selection feature – Added a new feature that prevent installing and uninstalling the apps if Eunhasu server is not ready – Upgraded ROON Ready to the version no. 1.1.36 – Upgraded […]

Colors on the product logo will be changed

Greetings, There would be color changes to the logo on the product by some optional choice. The corresponding model is like below, sMS-200 Neo sMS-200ultra Neo tX-USBultra sPS-500 sNH-10G sCLK-OCX10 The standard logo color is kept to be gold, and the silver and the copper color would be added per an optional choice like below, […]

About the remote service cost

Greetings!   The remote service is available by Teamviewer 13 program. The cost for the service is 30 min : USD30 1 hour: USD50 Max 2 hours: USD80 (the remote session will be open during max.2 hours.) And this service is only open for SOtM’s existing customers who are having a difficulty to setup the […]

Discontinued products

Greetings!    The following 2 products are going to be discontinued in the first half of 2019. sCLK clock module(including sCLK-12.0, sCLK-48.0 and sCLK-2224) dX-USB HD  Thank you.

About Qobuz 192Khz playback issue in Roon server

 Greetings.  We are sorry to inform you that when using Roon Server feature on sMS-1000SQ, we found an issue when playing 192KHz and 176.4KHz Qobuz streaming, and also there are random dropouts when playing 96Khz and 88.2 Khz Qobuz steaming. Only 48Khz and 44.1Khz Qobuz streaming in Roon server of sMS-1000SQ are flawless.  We’ve tried […]

About Link speed on Eunhasu web gui

 Greetings.    There is a “Link Speed” selection button on System config page of Eunhasu web gui.  This button is about to improve sound quality at 100Mbps Ethernet speed, but the 100Mbps selection is only working with Roon, LMS and MPD feature at this moment.  We are trying to make the other features also possibly […]

SOtM will reveal the new product at HighEnd 2019

Press release from SOtM, 30th, April, 2019   SOtM exhibits at HIGHEND 2019                                            For purchasing and further information, please contact: May Park, marketing@sotm-audio.com www.sotm-audio.com   Reveal the SOtM’s first LAN card & Demo the dual serial-connected sNH-10G !   The sNI-1G is the SOtM’s first audio grade Ethernet port card, it would […]

See you in AXPONA 2019!

AXPONA 2019 announcement from SOtM For purchasing and further information, please contact: May Park, marketing@sotm-audio.com www.sotm-audio.com 2 sNH-10G in the system will be demoed!    The sNH-10G is the world first network switch for every network audio system. It has been hit since revealed from the first time at Axpona 2018, and in this year, […]

Eunhasu FW version no.4.59 is released

Greetings ! The Eunhasu Firmware version number 4.59 is now available.   Version : V0.4.59 – Date : 27-3-2019 – Fixed up the system upgrade time out error – Fixed up the kernel check time out error – Fixed the link speed setting bug – Improved some special character USB ID recognize bug   In […]